Advice to New Caregivers

1.   Anticipate and develop awareness early; plan ahead and let the care receiver participate in decisions.

2.   Find out as much as you can about the disease.

3.   Contact support groups and get involved.

4.   Don’t try to do everything yourself. Set limits and try to be realistic. Allow the patient to be as independent as possible.

5.   Think of your own aging and what your situation might be like.

6.   Find someone to confide in.

7.   Recognize early on that it won’t get easier.

8.   Go away at times for your own well-being.

9.   Find a place to be as normal as possible.

10. Try not to carry guilt feelings – deal with them. Be confident with your decisions no matter what flack you get.

11. Allow your relative as much dignity and pride as possible. Recognize and affirm his/her self-worth.

12. Deal with your crisis with humor. Don’t let it get you down.

13. Realize your relative’s limitations. Be patient and try to have realistic expectations for his/her behavior and memory deficits.

14. Keep active.

Distributed by:

Alzheimer’s Arkansas Programs and Services

201 Markham Center Drive ● Little Rock, AR 72205

501-224-0021 or 800-689-6090 ●


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